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OFFICIAL: "Parkway South" Music Video - Contest Winner!

We hope you have had a chance to see our new music video for Parkway South. For those who do not know: we held a contest over the first half of 2016 in which we asked aspiring filmmakers from across the globe to make a video for either "Mary-Anne" or "Parkway South," and the results were all unbelievably awesome.

One entry, though, set itself apart from all others immediately.

All the way from Australia, the *WINNER* of our music video contest is DavidWL!

He made this video for our first song "Parkway South" from our album, CAROUSEL SEASON.

DaveWL is a graphic designer from Australia. He is a partner in CreativeHQ, GritFX T-Shirts and Captain Feline, and writes the occasional post for IndieMinded. In his spare time he edits video for pleasure, enjoys countless movies and books, and can't spend a day in the absence of music. You can find him on Freelancer, on YouTube (Bad Gunky) or read his sporadic tweets @GritFX.

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