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OFFICIAL: Our "Mary-Anne" music video winner!

We held a pretty straightforward contest for aspiring filmmakers: make a video for "Parkway South" or "Mary-Anne," and from this contest, several lessons became abundantly clear to us:

1) We (John, Gerard, Cris, and Mikey) have no business making music videos. We'll keep it to writing, recording, playing, acting, singing, etc.

2) The ideas that go through the heads of people who listen to our music are infinitely more interesting than we could have even imagined.

3) It's about time to announce our first winner!

Coming from Connecticut director Erin Harrington, this video immediately caught our eye with its sincerity - I think that it speaks to the subject matter, the age, and the innocent fun that comes from "making up a good time" with one's friends.

This video looked and felt like a party - and not the kind where people are scrolling through an Instagram feed: it reminded us of some of the parties we went to when we were younger...not even "parties," per se, but an impromptu good time with one's friends.

Thanks Erin, and be sure to enjoy the video! We love it!

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