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"Contenders for the most memorable tracks in the set go to the snappy indie pop of “Crash Course” with a deft mix of power pop feel and massive, reverb-drenched guitars verging close to shoegaze territory, but managing to stay in its lane; and the album’s first single, “She Moved to Oklahoma.” You’ll hear all kinds of touchpoints with this track with a latter half shifting tempos and moods.


- DW Dunphy,

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"Local four-piece The Deafening Colors recently released their second album, Carousel Season, an album that brims over with beautiful and poignant pop music."


- WFMU 91.1 FM, Jersey City, NJ

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"These songs and the rest of Carousel Season sound like the endless summers of youth, all timeless harmonies and great surf and noise guitar, which spin around in your head long after the album ends."


- Paul Gleason, Stereo Embers Magazine

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"Though created in Weehawken, it touches on the economic rise and fall of Atlantic City, joy and heartbreak on the beaches of the Jersey Shore, and what happens when you leave your home for many years only to come back and see it with a new set of eyes, it explores emotions that could be felt anywhere. It transcends the borders of New Jersey and tackles universal themes. This is quite a remarkable achievement."


- Ed Magdziak, You Don't Know Jersey

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"Incredibly impressive for something that was recorded in a bedroom. Guerilla Press describes The Deafening Colors as, 'the bastard sons of Beach Boys, Best Coast, and The Jesus and Mary Chain.' Is there anything more inviting? [...] Most tracks focus on where the members grew up, which is Atlantic City / Ocean City, New Jersey. However, it takes me back to more relaxing and youthful summers on Cali shores."


- KVRX 91.7

(University of Texas at Austin) - 

Album Review

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Billed as " 'The Sound of the Shore,' [...] Bruce Springsteen is forever linked with Asbury Park. When you think of Bob Dylan, you think of Greenwich Village. The Deafening Colors want to be similarly linked with southern New Jersey."


- Vincent Jackson, The Press of Atlantic City

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"You won't believe two people recorded this record in a bedroom [...] when you hear the kaleidoscopic layers of instrumentation and gorgeous harmonies they've been able to capture on a home recording. Even more impressively, Carousel Season is a concept album about the Jersey shore, and the songwriting even surpasses the mind-blowing arrangements with its mix of whimsy, nostalgia, melancholy and joy."


- Jim Testa, Jersey Beat Magazine

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"The Deafening Colors have staked their claim on summertime with “Carousel Season.” The title track from a forthcoming album is a revelation, especially to fans who have followed the group since their psyche-edged garage roots days. Immediately transporting, the song sounds and feels like a whiplash back to 1966, down the Jersey shore when we still had carousels off the boardwalks."


- DW Dunphy, Pop Dose Magazine

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Carousel Season comes to you from those idyllic summers of the past -- the ones you remember whether you actually experienced them or not. [...] Reverb, delay, rumbling drums, and surf-inspired guitars on tracks like "Parkway South" and "Mary-Anne." Dream pop -- swirling, noisy, and shoegazy on "Waiting for the Axe" or lackadaisical and lazy on "Past Time." The retro sounds and "sha la las" of the title track. Images of sunscreen melting in eyes, skee ball, and Atlantic City throughout the record. Carousel Season is warm, romantic, and pining. It's a record that you can pipe through your headphones as you lounge under an umbrella on the beach or one that you can listen to -- in front of the fireplace, snow falling outside -- whenever you want to go back there.


 - CoolDad Music

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