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Hey, thanks for submitting!


We can't wait to see your work!

All submissions go to

We tried to make this as easy as possible, so we're running this contest by email. To make sure your submissions get considered, read this stuff!

To submit, choose one of the following:


1) Email a link to your private Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. folder where we may watch and download the video.


2) Email a link to a private page on a website from which we may watch and download the video.


3) Email a link to a private Youtube, Vimeo, etc. site where we may watch the video as long as you also provide a download link in the email.


* All videos must remain private for the duration of the contest or your submission may not be considered. *

Please adhere to the following guidelines:


 * In the email subject line, please only include VIDEO CONTEST SUBMISSION - "MARY-ANNE" or VIDEO CONTEST SUBMISSION - "PARKWAY SOUTH."


* Please do not include attachments. We might not open your email if it has an attachment. In fact, we might not even see it as spam filters can be tough!


* Once we have received your email, we'll get back to you to let you know that your video is working as soon as we get a chance to do so. Please be patient!


* We'd love to know more about you! In the body of your email, introduce yourself and tell us anything you think we'd need to know. Feel free to include links to your own personal website, social media, biography, etc. Tell us how you heard our music or what made you make this video. Be creative! 

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